While the features of different types of dog food containers are certainly important to take into consideration, there are certain universal qualities that you should look for in a quality container, and we have outlined them here.

Airtight — This is the most important quality of a good dog food container, as it is basically the whole point of having one. An airtight container preserves dry dog food for as long as possible after opening the bag. Airtight containers affect aspects of dog food like taste (they prevent staleness and rancid flavor), safety (they prevent food from rotting, and keep out insects and small animal intruders), and odor emission (which keeps dog owners happier).

Food Grade Plastic — If you were thinking about saving a few dollars and using just any plastic household container for dog food storage—don’t. While it is likely that you have some airtight containers sitting around, they are likely not safe for your dog’s food, as many large containers are not made of the right kind of plastic for food storage. Only certain kinds of plastics are FDA approved as being safe to store food in, other types may be too porous (allowing air and moisture to seep in) or contain dangerous chemicals that could be absorbed into your dog’s food. A dog food container must be both compliant with FDA standards and very sturdy.

Proper Size — This consideration will change on a case by case basis, but the appropriate size of dog food container is something to think about before purchasing one. It is also important to consider that max volume does not necessarily translate exactly to the same size of dog food bag, try to size up in container when you can.

You don’t want to buy too large a container that will cost extra money when the space isn’t necessary for a small dog’s food (don’t forget: dog food expires even when stored properly, so stocking up on food isn’t always a good idea), and you don’t want to buy too small a container that won’t hold your dog’s whole bag of food.

A high quality container should be available with all of these important features, so do not be afraid to dive into the specifications and look for assurance that the dog food container is airtight, made of food grade plastic, and available in the right size for your dog. Learn more about how to select the Pet Food Container on the here: https://www.pet-food-container.com/